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Radio Media Landscape: Guest Speaker Session

Radio Media Landscape: Guest Speaker Session

The Advertising Class of Fall 2016 had the privilege of welcoming and learning from an Entrepreneur and Connoisseur Mr. Syed Mehdi Raza CEO Apna Karachi FM-107.

Mr. Mehdi Raza is also the founding member and is affiliated with Apna Karachi FM 107 since 2003. A renowned name in the Radio industry powered by 26 years of experience in Media and Advertising.His business acumen and consequent strategic positioning has led the radio channel Apna Karachi FM 107 to be known as The Voice of Karachi.

The session organized by our esteemed faculty Professor Alia Hasan is first in the series of learning about the Advertising mediums in Pakistan, its importance and scope , challenges and the opportunities it holds . It was conducted on Friday 23rd September 2016 in Tabba Block, IBA Karachi.

Mr. Mehdi spoke on the topic of "Radio as the Advertising Medium" and began with the brief history of Radio, its inception and evolution all around the world and in Pakistan. He also shed light on the rise, fall and revival of radio during different eras.

He enlightened us on types of radio modulations and number of radio channels in Pakistan, their management, coverage areas and estimated reach. He showcased charts on Advertising spend & trends on radio versus other mediums, and the percentage change that was manifested over time.

Radio Media Landscape: Guest Speaker Session

Mr. Mehdi then talked about the dilemmas, misconceptions and challenges of Advertisers in using radio as means for promotions. To further elaborate on it, Mehdi mentioned the change in radio technology, comparison of audience, difference in tariffs, and the yearly revenue earned by the industry.

He also elaborated on the evaluation/rating mechanism and brand positioning of various radio channels, TSP while creating content, role of radio presenters, and its impact on the listenership. Mehdi mentioned various celebrities/legends who began their career from radio, and have mesmerized the audience for decades. He also shared his view on how radio can create better opportunities for Advertising and become an integral Advertising medium for future growth of the businesses in Pakistan.

The session was extremely informative and students highly appreciated the insightful knowledge on radio industry and the advertising opportunities that exist, and how it can be leveraged in times to come, to shape future of businesses.

Mr. Mehdi Raza extended an invitation to students to visit the office of Apna Karachi FM 107 and see the radio operation themselves. The session concluded by presenting Mr. Syed Mehdi Raza with a plaque as a token of acknowledgement by IBA Karachi.

Faizan Safdar

Faizan Safdar is a student of MBA class of 2017. He is currently associated as Manager with IBA Marketing Club. He ascribes his passion of photography, traveling, cultures and learning about sufism as means of his ability to connect with people, enabling him to have insights and bring something new to the table in his professional field. Faizan strongly believes in breaking the clutter and set a benchmark through his initiatives.