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What’s the IBA - MBA Project

The MBA Project is an integral part of the MBA program conducted at the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi.
A group of 4-5 second year students undertake a management consulting assignment in real life business environment related to managerial and organizational problems that need solutions.

The Project not only enables students to develop interviewing and report writing skills, but also provides an opportunity for them to enhance their managerial and leadership skills, besides their problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Major Project Areas
The projects could cover any issue the organization would require in-depth analysis including the following key areas:
• New Ventures / Feasibility Studies
• Management Control Systems
• Human Resource Restructuring
• Strategic Analysis & Management
• Marketing Strategy
• Supply Chain Management

The projects would be conducted under the close supervision of an industry experienced Project Advisor. The projects are done with both local and multinational companies, preferably those based in Karachi due to logistic reasons.

Responsibilities of the Organizations:
The responsibilities of the client organization would include:

• Provide the IBA a brief description of their requirements and scope of the Project.

• Provide name and contact details of the individual in the organization who can be contacted by the group involved in the Project including to facilitate access, where necessary, to the relevant company material and information.

• Meet the financial cost incurred on the Project including travel and accommodation cost, if any. The IBA does not charge for the Project conducted by its students.

Responsibilities of the IBA:
The responsibilities of the IBA would include:

• The IBA students group would select a Project of a client organization whose requirements match the interest of the group.

• Prepare proposal in consultation with the client

• Submit a monthly progress report to the client, besides an interim report, in order to enhance
students’ communication with the client.

• Ensure the confidentiality of organization’s business operations.

• Ensure quality and professionalism in all deliverables

• Keep track of the Project’s progress and ensure the assigned group delivers the final report
within the stipulated deadline after completion of all the mandatory stages.

Project Benefits for the Organizations
There are wide-ranging and numerous benefits of the IBA - MBA Projects, which include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Cost is minimal compared to the cost that will be incurred on engaging a professional consulting
firm for delivering innovative solutions. Every group can also utilize the extensive resources available at the IBA including expertise of the faculty members.

• Each group comprises of talented and energetic students with sound academic background, who understand the market dynamics and, under the supervision of industry experienced Project Advisor, can be trusted to come up with practical and effective solutions.

• Final report is the result of months of extensive groundwork with every member of the group actively contributing towards its finalization. The client organization can thus benefit greatly from the substantial outcome.

Timeline for the IBA - MBA Projects
A timeline for various activities is necessary for timely completion of the Project. A detailed timeline of the IBA – MBA Projects is as follows:

September / October
- Student groups will be formed to conduct projects, choose client organization of their interest, and submit project name, and name of advisor and co-advisor

- Student groups will submit a draft Terms of Reference (TOR) & Work Plan to their client organization, advisor, co-advisor and MBA Project Coordinator for their feedback

- Final presentation of the TOR & Work Plan to the MBA Project Director

- Submit Interim Progress Report

- Presentation of the Interim Progress Report before the client organization, advisor, co-advisor and
MBA Project Coordinator

May / June
- Submit Final Report and Presentation before the client organization, advisor, co-advisor and MBA Project Coordinator

Contact Us
Interested organizations, keen to have their projects included among the IBA - MBA Projects, can send a brief description of their requirements and scope of project till September 30, 2014 to:

Dr. Nasir Afghan, MBA Program Director
Email: nafghan@iba.edu.pk, Cell: 0302- 8499324

Asad Ilyas, MBA Projects Coordinator
Email: ailyas@iba.edu.pk, Cell: 0321-279-2862

If you have any queries related to the IBA - MBA Project, and how it can benefit your organization, please contact the MBA Program Director or MBA Program Office Manager