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Campus Facilities

The two campuses are spread over 80 acres. These compare in size and splendor to any campus of a world-class institution of higher learning. The facilities are immaculately maintained in line with the IBA tradition of excellence in all facets of its activities.

The IBA Main Campus is a large complex of buildings spread around lush green sprawling lawns, which serves as a backdrop to an extremely conducive environment for academic pursuit. It houses the program offices, faculty offices, a library, an auditorium, two computer labs and eleven classrooms.

The City Campus is in the heart of the business district of the city. Apart from housing 20 classrooms, it has a library, an auditorium, conference and seminar rooms, and four computer labs. The City Campus is also home to the Evening Program, which is attended mainly by professional managers. The classrooms at both the campuses are large and airy, and are fully-equipped with modern audiovisual facilities, to enhance the learning experience and make it more interactive. All facilities at both campuses are accessible to the students, faculty and course participants.

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The Libraries

The IBA libraries contain more than thirty thousand books on business management and related subjects. The libraries subscribe to more than eighty international and forty-two local journals and periodicals.

Libraries at both the campuses are regularly updated with latest books and journals. Access to hundreds of IT related journals and even a larger number of business journals, through JSTOR, provide the students and faculty direct access to the work of the world community of researchers, thinkers, and practitioners. This important link makes it possible for researchers and students to work as members of this growing community.

A computerized modern library management system that will enable the users to search for material much more quickly and efficiently is in the process of being installed.

IBA libraries consist of 45,000 e-books and 17,000 online journals.

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IT Infrastructure

The IBA’s computing facilities are being continuously upgraded to keep them in sync with fast paced advance in computing technologies. The IBA believes that a modern IT environment for students, faculty and administration is absolutely essential for providing quality education. To achieve this objective a major initiative has been launched to create a state-of-the-art Information Technology infrastructure. This environment will allow easy accessibility to students, faculty, administration, as well as parents and alumni, enabling them to interact with one another.

The IBA's IT department provides computing facilities to staff, faculty, and students. It also develops plans with objectives and actions that help achieve a highly competitive and technology-intensive environment for the institute. Some of the services provided by this department include E-mail and Internet Service, IT Help Desk, Audio Visual Support, and Printing Services.

The IBA IT/MIS Department has in recent years initiated major improvement in the IT Infrastructure in order to achieve the following:

  • High-end servers

  • Completely licensed Software

  • 24 hour e-mail accessible Internationally

  • High-speed Radio links between the two campuses and hostels

  • All Labs & Classrooms Multimedia-ready

  • 500+ PCs

  • All labs connected in High-speed LAN

  • 100% coverage of WLAN on both campuses

  • 5 labs in City Campus and 2 in Univ. Campus

  • High-speed Internet access (over 8MB bandwidth) from the two campuses

Automation at IBA

  • IBA Intranet Portal

- Access to 25,000 Online research journals

- Access to 45,000 Online latest books

- IBA Research Portal

  • Automation of various aspects of IBA including

- Student registration & records

- Faculty evaluation

- Fee Management

- Online Admissions

- Online library books & journals

  • Website continuously updated

On the software end, the projects undertaken include a Campus Management System (CMS), which allows automation of all program offices at IBA; Library Management System (LMS), which allows students and faculty to utilize the library services in an efficient manner; an IBA Research Portal (IRP), where valuable research work done by the IBA faculty, students, and management staff is collected and made accessible for viewing to all users; A new library website providing an information Online Resource Center.

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Placement Services

Placement Services at the IBA lends support to both prospective employees and employers. It also providers advice and assistance to the IBA’s existing students in terms of their placement in internship programs and jobs in various organization.

Farther more, it helps the IBA alumni in their job search/placement. Apart from offering assistance in placing the students in various internship programs and jobs, the networking of placement services ensures that the transition from classroom to career is smooth and successful through:

Employer Seminar – CEOs and heads of various functions including Human resources visit the IBA, interact with the students, conduct on-the-spot interviews and make job offers.

Workshops - Students and alumni at the undergraduate and graduate level take part in workshops on a number of career related topics.

Career Counseling – IBA Placement Services provide feedback to students after they have completed their internships on the basis of appraisal and evaluation provided by their employers. This helps the students to learn about their strengths and areas of improvement.

Career Solutions for Graduates - Career network and job hunting does not end when IBA students graduate. They can find a job or post a job by clicking on the appropriate link on the IBA alumni website

Job Placement Support at IBA

  • IBA Career Development Centre

  • Compulsory Internships

  • Alumni support network of more than 8000 alumni

  • Graduate Directory

  • Job postings (campus and website)

  • Graduates drawing starting salary of 30K – 60K

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Student Residences

The IBA provider residential facilities for out-of-town full IBA students. The hostel is spread over and area of 1.75 acres with lush green lawns and is a short walk from the Main Campus. The hostel provides single accommodation for its students and has one hundred rooms.

The hostel provides many facilities to its residents: it is equipped with a gymnasium and an indoor table tennis room. Students use the TV Lounge, which is equipped with a big screen television and a satellite decoder, to socialize and to play indoor games.

A hostel committee run by the students facilitates smooth running of the hostel mess and other affairs. It arranges many extracurricular activities, which give the hostel a lively atmosphere. The City campus students at the hostel are provided transport to commute between the City Campus and the hostel. Limited garage space is available for students who wish to bring their own cars.

Accommodation is usually in high demand and allotment is done on a first –come-first-serve basis. Accommodation arrangements for female students have been made at a large house in the IBA Staff Town. It has been converted into a residence for a limited number of girl students. The house has fully-equipped kitchen and bedrooms. Residents make arrangement for food etc. on a self-help basis. IBA has plans to build a new girls’ hostel for which work has already started.

The IBA has recently received approvals for major funding from the HEC, which will enable LAN and radio link connectivity to the boys and girls hostels.

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The IBA has its own fleet of buses serving different routes for the convenience of the students. Besides this, private and public transport also serves both the campuses. The City campus, being located in the downtown area, is accessible from all parts of the city with buses, taxis and rickshaws available at all hours. Spacious parking facilities are available at both campuses for students who want to use their own transportation.

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Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities

  • Students Council elected every year; responsible for all social functions

  • 27 Societies operated and managed by the students

  • Drama, Music, Sports, Arts, etc. events arranged & conducted

  • Students involved in Community Services


Events at IBA

  • Conferences

  • Seminars

  • Guest Speaker Sessions

  • Corporate Dinners

  • Alumni Functions

HEC Scholarships

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