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 Note on MBA Project (for Evening MBA Students)

The aim of the MBA project is to enable MBA Evening students to execute a challenging assignment within the real life business environment. The execution of the project not only will help MBA candidates to develop interviewing and report writing skills but also will provide an opportunity to them to enhance their decision making, problem solving, and team skills. MBA students will be able to apply knowledge gained from different courses towards a real life consulting assignment with the organization. The outcome of the MBA Project that is, a detailed field or secondary research and implementation plan on some managerial and organizational problems will be provided to the client organization. It is also to provide an opportunity to have a sense of contribution and achievement at the end of MBA program.

Since IBA MBA program has different time line therefore following are key guidelines for its implementation for MBA Evening students.

1. Every MBA Evening student (class of 2010) will do (as part of the 3-4 students group) MBA project after completing his or her 22 courses (including all core courses).
2. MBA Evening (MBA Project) students will be allowed to conduct MBA Project in their own organization or any other business / social sector organization.
3. MBA project will be considered as core course and it will be equal to two three credit courses (6 credits for MBA Project).
4. MBA project will be applicable to all MBA class of 2010 MBA Evening students.
5. All grading and other policies will be same as MBA Project (Morning).

The following are key policy guidelines for the MBA project

1. Every year in mid July / August the MBA Director / MBA project coordinator shall start writing letters to invite companies to participate in MBA projects, preferably those companies based in Karachi due to logistic reasons.
2. In August the MBA project coordinator will prepare a detail presentation to the MBA students about the MBA project. This presentation will include, important dates, number of groups and number of companies etc.
3. In early September students will form 3-4 member groups and provide their names to MBA Director / Project coordinator
4. In mid September the MBA coordinator will give a presentation to eligible MBA evening students about MBA projects as mentioned in item 2. This presentation also includes the process of writing a TOR.
5. In September students will start selecting the client companies to write TOR and negotiate their terms of reference. Student themselves will establish first contact with the client, but the MBA project staff will keep track of all the studentsí activities and their dealing with the client. Good relation with client organization is important for IBA.
6. By the end of September Student groups will provide the following names to the MBA project coordinator; name of project client, name of the adviser and of the co-adviser. Students will start working on their TOR.
7. In early October student will submit a draft TOR to client, adviser, co-adviser and the MBA project coordinator for their feedback. Students then prepare their TOR presentation in Mid November.
8. After this TOR presentation in mid November the students will submit the Final TOR signed by the project adviser and client to the MBA project coordinator. This final TOR covers the, key deliverables, methodologies, work plan, interim report content and date, final report contents and the date of the final presentation. Also the financial costs covered by the client. This Final TOR provides contractual and moral obligations for both the sides, students and client.
9. By mid November regret letters will be sent to companies, which were not selected by the students for their MBA projects with a positive note for the next year.
10. In mid November the MBA coordinator will sit with the groups and discuss their progress and problems during the initial start up phase. In order to keep track of an individual and group performance
11. From November (till May next year) onwards a monthly progress reports signed by the Client and project adviser should also to be submitted by the students to the MBA project coordinator. The purpose of this monthly progress report is to enhance studentsí communication with the client and project advisers. This will also help to keep track of the studentís activities according to the TOR.
12. Interim report of the project should be submitted in end February to client, adviser, co-adviser (if there is) and MBA project coordinator. Students must get written feedback from client, adviser, co adviser and MBA project coordinator.
13. In March students will give presentations on their interim report before the client, adviser, co-adviser and MBA project coordinator. This meeting will also provide opportunity for client to sit with adviser and co adviser and MBA project coordinator to evaluate the interim performance of the group. At the end of this presentation the MBA project coordinator will provide written feedback on the interim report and gives interim grades to students.
14. In April students will be provided information about the final report (spiral bound) format. The final report must not be more than 100 pages, the executive summary must not be more than 3 pages, A4 pages, font size 13, Times New Roman, double spaced (in order to get the feedback from adviser, co adviser and client).
15. In May students will submit their final report (spiral bound) as mentioned in item 15, one copy each, to client, adviser, co-adviser and MBA project coordinator. All four stakeholders will provide their feedback in writing and students will incorporate changes before their final presentation. The final presentation (formal), will be of 90 minutes duration, 60 minutes presentation and 30 minutes question and answer session it will be held in end of May. Client, adviser, co- adviser and MBA project coordinator must be available for the final presentations. At the end of the final presentations the final grades for the group will be decided. The client feedback / adviser feedback on final report must be included for the final grades (and students should not be present during the client feedback session).
16. In June, after the final presentations students will submit 4 copies of (Hard Bound and Soft Copies on CDs) the final report along with the changes they have made after the final presentations. They will submit these four copies of final report with the signature and approval of the project adviser, one for the client, one for the adviser, one for IBA library, and one for the MBA project coordinator.
17. Students will also submit a written acknowledgement letter from the clients that they (client) have received the Hard Bound copy of the final report.
18. The MBA project coordinator will make a list of the final reports and send them to the library.
19. The MBA project coordinator in consultations with the adviser and co-adviser will decide the final grades. The MBA project coordinator will have the final authority because he / she will have the overall picture of the working of the group, efforts made by the group, methodology and report presentation, and level of client satisfaction with the output and client relationship management for all the projects.
20. The MBA project coordinator, on the basis of item 20, can also decide the best MBA project.

By Dr. Nasir Afghan
Director MBA / MBA Project Coordinator