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Mission, Objectives and outcomes of MBA Program

MBA Mission

Our students are our assets. We continuously invest and add value in our assets. We will educate our MBA students by providing them the best possible environment for learning and personal development. We will do it by developing their business acumen, preparing them for real life ethical dilemmas, so they can manage conflicting decisions and paradoxes. We will develop them as competent, ethical and socially sensitive business leaders.

To achieve our mission following are MBA program objectives:
1. Develop business acumen, knowledge and skills of the business and management. With rigor of class room teaching and engagement with strategic level decision makers from local and global organizations.

2. Develop and groom competencies including communication and leadership by inculcating drive for success, disciplined, hard work with innovative as well as analytical problem solving skills.

3. Developing both the local and global mindset with national, regional and global business perspective by using case method and experiential projects within national and International organizations.

4. Foster entrepreneurial spark and mindset.

5. Develop ethical business leaders and not just managers.

6. Develop critical thinking, creativity, divergent thinking & team building skills.

To measure our program objectives following are MBA program outcomes:
1. Develop an ability to make well informed decisions which are ethically sound and profitable in different organizational situations.

2. Appreciate the importance of social and environmental issues and dilemmas in business

3. Enhance value creation in personal and professional aspects with strong and proficient Interpersonal & teamwork skills, written, oral communication and listening abilities.

4. Utilize information, literary and computing skills to effectively prepare and present reports for various purposes.

5. Acquire field-specific knowledge and experience to process and interpret both strategic level and operational level processes and organizational systems.

6. Planning and implementation of different business and functional issues and agendas within the business organization.

7. Appreciate cultural sensitivity and diversity within a situation.

8. Understand opportunities and challenges of internationalization/ globalization, technology and social media on business/

9. Continuous engagement in professional development and personal effectiveness.

10. Understand & balance between the business and human factors while choosing among different alternatives

Message from MBA Program Director
I warmly welcome MBA class. I am positive you will not only transform yourself at IBA but you will play an important role in transforming our business and social organizations and Pakistani society, towards human excellence and wellbeing.

I wish you all, a life changing experience at IBA MBA program.

Truly Yours,
Director Business Administration Programs




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