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IBA Talk - The Creative Journey on a Brand Re-Launch Campaign and Media Planning

IBA Talk - The Creative Journey on a Brand Re-Launch Campaign and Media Planning

On 25th October, 2016, the Advertising Class of Fall 2016 had the honor of having Mr. Awais Dhakan, Executive Creative Director at Adcom Leo Burnett, as a guest speaker. This guest speaker session was another dedicated effort by our Instructor, Ms. Alia Hassan, who has worked tirelessly to ensure students’ continuous learning through such sessions.

Mr. Awais took us through the journey of djuice and its re-launch campaign. He enlightened us with various steps of how Adcom Leo Burnett went on to come up with the campaign "Khamoshi Ka Boycott".

He began by sharing the background of the campaign that djuice had previously targeted youth in the upper SEC segment of the market through its proposition of “Fun to be young”. Seeing the downsides, they sensed an opportunity that there was an opportunity to expand its target group and become the number one mobile youth brand across Pakistan. The challenge was to reposition the brand’s communication platform through a different value proposition.

Mr. Awais further went on to describe how they carried out extensive research among the youth to come up with valuable insights that helped them further. They found that youth was frustrated and depressed. They wanted to progress and voice their opinions which were sort of unheard. They finally came up with the idea of portraying youth as fun loving with a cause.

Mr. Awais explained about the creative brief and the communications strategy afterwards that they adopted. He also introduced the students to the concept of TUB (The Ultimate Brief). Through these steps, the agency finally came up with The Big Idea (referred to as the Big Eyed Deer by Awais Dhakan).

The Big Idea eventually got translated to the new campaign for djuice known famously for its rebellious nature as “Khamoshi Ka Boycott”. According to Mr. Awais, this put power in the hands of youth. They further created two-way communication channels for youth through SMS and calls. This also provided the agency to gauge effectiveness and add credibility to their shout.

To enhance communication with youth, the campaign was run through TVCs, social media platforms and radio as well. The agency further conducted college activation and branding drives. They designed attractive print ads for the youth as well. They had their designs imprinted on various transport buses within Karachi. To have an impact on youth, they also recruited Shahzad Roy as their brand ambassador, who was considered to be the rebellious voice of the youth against injustice at that time.

Mr. Awais finally concluded his presentation by sharing us with other creative engagement ideas that the agency adopted and the successful partnerships that they formed to get youth’s attention. In the end, Mr. Awais shared the campaign’s results which were very impressive indeed.

The campaign resulted in the rise in the number of SMS responses, website page visits, facebook fans and the number of viewers. For the brand djuice, there was a 19% increase in brand saliency and 13% increase in consideration.

The second part of the session was taken over by Mr. Raza, who worked in the Media Planning at Adcom Leo Burnett. He briefed us about the Media Planning process in the ad agency. According to Mr. Raza, media planning was a quantitative department of the agency. To begin with, he introduced with the various KPIs that are used in media planning such as CPRP, Reach, etc.

Furthermore, Mr. Raza explained about the Live ROI planning and its three phases. He also mentioned about the exclusive tools and software employed by the agency in the phases. In the end of his presentation, Mr. Raza gave ideas as to how they target different media and the ways to evaluation and benchmarking of performance.

Overall, it was a great learning experience for the students. As a token of appreciation and gratitude, souvenirs were presented to the guest speakers.

Agha Waleed Pathan (MBA candidate at IBA)

IBA Talk - The Creative Journey on a Brand Re-Launch Campaign and Media Planning