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Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Karachi set up the Institute of Public and Business Administration in 1955 with the mission to create managerial capital and leadership for the industry of Pakistan. The institute introduced two graduate degree programs in Pakistan, namely, Master of Public Administration in 1955 and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 1956. Since then, more than 8000 people have graduated MBA from IBA, many becoming prominent leaders, including the President of Pakistan (Mr. Mamnoon Hussain), Prime Minister of Pakistan (Mr. Shaukat Aziz), and members of top management teams in national and international business enterprises.

IBA became a degree-awarding institution in 1994 by the charter of the Sind Assembly. To manage its organic growth as a university having approximately 5000 students, IBA divisionalized in 2021 by establishing three autonomous and independent schools, namely, the School of Business Studies (SBS), the School of Economics and Social Sciences (SESS), and the School of Mathematics and Computer Science (SMCS).

The MBA program is now part of the portfolio of the SBS and managed through the Directorate of MBA and EMBA.




Since 1956, the MBA@IBA has been the legacy and flagship program of IBA. The current MBA@IBA is a two-year, full-time, rigorous master’s program in business administration designed to prepare young graduates from various disciplines for a professional management career in the corporate world. It has been designed to serve as a springboard to help you reach the first level of corporate management and leadership. It equips you with the requisite knowledge, skills, and behaviors that are necessary for becoming an effective manager and leader, including the proficiency in key disciplines of business and management, analytical decision making, ethical leadership and teamwork, effective communication, and effective use of technology in management. This assortment of knowledge and skills has been carefully designed to put you on the fast track of corporate career so that you stand a good chance to become part of the league of leaders.

The MBA@IBA is not just a degree; it is a mission and a calling to make business a force for good and turn it into a catalyst for prosperity of people and sustainability of the planet. Getting a seat in MBA@IBA means that you become part of an ever-growing community of professionals who are committed to driving innovation, enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises, and increasing the productivity of local and global economy.

IBA helps you rediscover yourself with a view to help the world rediscover and reinvent itself. The whole-person approach of academic training at IBA follows an eclectic mix of pedagogical methods including, but not limited to, the case method and problem-based learning. IBA provides countless stimuli and endless opportunities to expand your portfolio of talents including the technical, intellectual, emotional, and social skills (TIES) in ways that maximize your personal returns on investment in education and boost your economic and social value-added.

IBA can provide financing to eligible students through various sources including corporate sponsorships and scholarships. For various financing options available at IBA, please see Financial Assistance at IBA.


Message from Program Director

Message from Program Director

MBA was invented at Harvard University in 1908 and introduced in Pakistan by IBA in 1955 with the assistance of Wharton Business School. Since then, IBA is proud to have helped numerous individuals become managers and leaders through its MBA program. However, with the proliferation of MBA programs and emergence of new disciplines since then, many people tend to think that MBA has completed its product lifecycle and its market is reaching saturation.

I think the world will continue to need MBA as long as there exist business enterprises as the engines of value creation. MBA is by design multidisciplinary and flexible enough to embrace and incorporate the knowledge of emerging disciplines and fields. Therefore, MBA is the only degree program that can prepare business managers and leaders for tackling the complexities and uncertainties of the 21st Century.

Being the pioneer of MBA in Pakistan, IBA revisits and revamps the MBA program from time to time. We have recently reviewed, refocused, and redesigned our MBA programs - from their philosophy to their strategy - to help meet the grand challenges facing our country and the world. Read More


Program Structure

The MBA@IBA has been carefully designed with a mission to prepare managerial capital and leadership for corporate entities shaping and driving the industry, economy, and the world. Accordingly, the program is geared towards inculcating a set of current and relevant technical, intellectual, emotional, and social skills (TIES) that are essential for being an effective manager and leader in corporates. Additionally, the program provides the graduates with the foundation and qualification to study beyond the MBA, if they choose to do so. The MBA@IBA is an accredited qualification of Level-7 in accordance with the National Qualification Framework of Pakistan (NQFP), enabling the graduates to proceed directly to the doctoral programs.

The program requires the completion of 60 Credit Hours in accordance with NQFP which are spread over two years of full-time study. The core of the program is comprised of more than half of the total Credit Hours and covers useful scientific knowledge pertaining to the disciplines of business, economics, sociology, and quantitative analysis. The first year of the program is dedicated to the academic and experiential training related to the core of the program.

By the completion of the first year, you will be well versed with the ins and outs of business enterprises and ready to develop a personalized portfolio of expertise. During the second year, you will develop your own portfolio of futuristic expertise by choosing from a carefully curated menu of elective courses. Additionally, you will engage in experiential interactions with our partner enterprises and undertake the MBA Capstone Project with a view to solving a significant real-life problem of industry and/or society.

Overall, the MBA@IBA will equip you with the following managerial competences:

  • Knowledge of Business and Management: You will learn how businesses interact with local and global environments and how these interactions are linked to the growth sustainability of the world.
  • Analytical Decision Making: You will learn the science and art of making rational decisions and implementing these effectively.
  • Ethical Leadership and Teamwork: You will develop the ability to work with and positively influence others.
  • Effective Communication: You will develop the ability to communicate your ideas and arguments effectively.
  • Use of Technology in Management: You will learn how modern technologies and tools can be harnessed to manage organizations more effectively and efficiently.

In summary, carefully assorted content and eclectic pedagogy of the MBA@IBA provide a unique blend of scientific and experiential learning that can provide you with smooth entry and head start on the first level management positions in medium and large business enterprises.


The MBA@IBA offers a unique faculty mentorship program to advise and guide every student throughout the program which may extend to a lifelong learning relationship between the student and the mentoring faculty.



Candidates for MBA@IBA are considered eligible for admission if they have earned an undergraduate degree (equivalent to 16 years of education) from an HEC-recognized university by securing a CGPA of 2.5 or higher. Post-qualification professional experience is highly valued.

We take great pride in providing personalized attention to the development of each student of the MBA@IBA. Accordingly, we select a small number of participants for the program every year. We seek to select very high-potential individuals who have the right attitude and aptitude to become effective and ethical managers and leaders.

We encourage you to carefully assess your personal and aspirational fit with our program before applying for admission. Our screening and selection process is highly competitive, rigorous, and selective. We believe in diversity and inclusivity and use academic and professional merit as the only criteria for selection based on the evidence related to the following:

  • Academic qualifications
  • Professional experience
  • Personal statements of purpose and value-added
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Score in GMAT/GRE or IBA Aptitude Test
  • Interview

The schedule of key milestones in program commencement is as follows:

Application Deadline

April 15, 2024

Aptitude Test

April 21, 2024


May 02-11, 2024

Business Orientation Program (BOP)

June 12 - August 13, 2024

Orientation Gala

August 15 - 18, 2024

Commencement of Classes

August 19, 2024


IBA owns separate hostels for ladies and gents for single, double, and triple occupancy. The hostels are directly managed and guarded by the administration and security departments of IBA. All students of full-time programs, who come from outside Karachi, are eligible for hostel accommodation, subject to the availability of space and hostel policy of the university.


Fee and Financing



Admission Fee


First-Year Tuition Fee (2024-25)


Business Orientation Program (BOP)


Student Activity Charges





Applications are accepted only electronically. Please arrange digital copies of following documents to attach with the application form:

  • Personal photograph
  • Academic degrees and certificates
  • Experience certificates
  • Contact details of referees

Please submit you application through the following link:

Contact Us

Program Manager MBA
Directorate of MBA and EMBA
Room 229
AMAN CED Building
IBA Main Campus
University Road, Karachi
Phone: 021-38104700 (Ext: 2882)
E-mail: mzahid[at]iba.edu.pk



No. You must be admitted to the program through the required admission process and start the program afresh.

Yes. We take IBA Aptitude Test for admission. Alternatively, we can accept Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test scores which are not older than two years.

A referee is a person who can give a valid opinion about your academic and leadership potential. We need two referees whom we can contact on your behalf and who are willing to provide us with the required information about you.

We value post-qualification experience and prefer candidates with professional experience. However, if you are a fresh graduate, you may apply but the chances of securing admission are slim.

Please consult the admission schedule as a first step. You'll need to create an online account to access the application form. You can fill in the application form, attached documents required for each component, save the application, and submit the completed application by the deadline. Please note that incomplete and duplicate applications are rejected without any notice to the applicant.

No. We invite only those candidates for the Aptitude Test who meet the eligibility criteria.

No. We invite only those candidates who demonstrate a reasonable potential to be successful in the program by achieving a reasonable score in the Aptitude Test.

No. You are admitted in relation to a particular cohort of candidates for the year. If you can't start the program of the year, you'll have to apply afresh and qualify for admission anew.

Yes. You can apply in the future rounds of admission, but you will have to apply afresh. We do not consider previous applications as the input for admission.

The academic status/level of all academic degrees is assessed in relation to the National Qualification Framework of Pakistan (NQFP). The Higher Education Commission (HEC) is a constitutional institution that has the exclusive authority to assess and certify whether an academic program of a university and its degree is legitimate and has a certain level of qualification according to the national and international standards. The MBA@IBA conforms to the NQFP qualification of Level 7 and is accredited by the HEC as a qualification equivalent to 18 years of formal education in Pakistan.

The BOP is an intensive and graded program of four weeks in which all the participants are primed to the philosophy and strategy of the MBA program, provided with relevant knowledge and skills to be able to relate to its content, and coached in the appropriate attitudes and behaviors needed to successfully complete it. The BOP puts all the participants, regardless of their academic and professional background, on an equal footing so that no one has any disadvantage in terms of academic know-how and intellectual skills relative to their peers in the cohort. Accordingly, all participants are required to pass the BOP to pursue the program. Participants failing the BOP are dropped from the program.